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      Win-Target Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. located in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, which is known as idyllic and ecological city. Our company is a global one-stop manufacturing service supplier, focusing on tooling making and smart manufacturing service.Win-target'  s longstanding commitment to excellent craftsmanship and close cooperation with industry partners, we have developed complete mold and part manufacturing service solutions based on our leading technology, quality and project management. 

      Our manufacturing base in Fujian makes parts of intelligent control equipment, industrial automation equipment, CNC machining equipment, robots, intelligent home, children's intelligent toys, electric cars, electronic products, communications equipment, health products, fitness equipment, home appliances, beauty appliances, auto parts, medical supplies and etc,. While the manufacturing base in Dongguan serves the main customers as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Renault, HITACHI, LIEBHERR, WAKO, EUROSTYLE. GIMELL.IKEA and etc.. 

      We has a complete quality control system, which has successfully achieved ISO 9001, ISOTS 16949 quality management system certification. After years of accumulated experience and continuous improvement of quality control, Win-target has become a large-scale and competitive brand, as well as a reliable strategic partner of worldwide top companies.

       Deepening the policy of "Combination with Information and Industrialization" and "Made in China 2025", based on tooling making and linked by intelligent manufacturing, we will make utmost efforts to create an advanced intelljqent brand.  Insisting on the concept of customer satisfaction and qualities, we sincerely look forward to win-win cooperation with you.




      Tel: 596-2863088

      Email: lam@win-target.com

      Add: Headquarter/No.42LongTeng North Road, Lantian Economic Development Zone,Zhangzhou,Fujian Province

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